Organic Recycling

Trees, Leaves & Limbs

Green Waste Recycling is fresh or biodegradable waste material including grass, leaves, plants and tree trimmings that can be diverted from landfills for recycling. Food waste is a separate subset that can be included in this group.

Green waste Recycling is best used to produce compost for use on gardens, lawns, erosion control projects and agricultural crops. Compost provides value as a fertilizer and improves soil structure.


Grinding Reduces Green House Emissions

Every year, millions of tons of green waste is disposed of in landfills instead of being recycled as mulch or compost.  Landfilling green waste shortens the life of landfills and contributes to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. GHG emissions resulting from the decomposition of organic wastes in landfills have been identified as a significant source of emissions contributing to global climate change. To help alleviate this, many states and provinces in North America have mandated green waste recycling mandates to keep organic material out of landfills to help reduce GHG emissions.

Peterson Horizontal Grinders are an ideal tool for quickly and effectively reducing green waste into mulch or compost products.


Recommended Tooling

Grinding Bits

Peterson Standard 6-Pass Carbide Overlay Bits can be used to grind green waste which is typically light, woody or green material such as plants, shrubs, grass, and leaves. If more carbide protection is needed due to small contaminants in the feedstock such as rocks or sand, a Peterson Heavy-Duty 8-Pass Bit is recommended.


Grate selection can vary depending on the size of the final product desired. As a general rule, grates with smaller openings (2” or 4” hex) are installed in the first two positions as these grates do the majority of the product sizing. Progressively larger openings (4”or 6” hex) are installed in the following positions and are used as “exhaust” grates allowing product to exit the mill.

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