Mobile Mulch Hopper Feeders


The Astec mobile mulch hopper feeder is designed to stockpile materials like mulch, biomass, woodchips, shredded wood, wood pellets, green waste, palm kernel shells and other material.

The feeder can be directly fed by wheel loaders, grab cranes, wood grinders, shredders, screens or trommels. With excellent mobility on-site, the mulch hopper feeder will eliminate double-handling of material. 


  • Wood Waste Recycling

    Peterson horizontal grinders are ideal for wood waste recycling applications. Because of the limited options to reuse building materials or wood recycled from demolition efforts, reduced wood waste can be recycled to make biomass, bedding material, mulch, or compost.
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  • Compost

    Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and may be made from single source material or blended for specific application performance. Materials used include: garden debris, kitchen scraps, manure, or yard and lawn waste.
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  • Landscaping

    Blower trucks are beneficial when landscaping residential, commercial, and HOA settings. They facilitate easy and fast application of mulch, compost, and terra seeding through pneumatic delivery.
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  • Mulch

    Astec machines can help you create, screen, stack, and deliver your final mulch product. We’ll help you add value to your mulch products and services from your feedstock all the way to delivery.
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  • Astec Peterson 5710D Horizontal Grinder making compost from green waste in Hawaii with an loading excavator.

    Organic Recycling

    Peterson Horizontal Grinders are an ideal tool for quickly and effectively reducing green waste into mulch or compost products.
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  • Natural Disaster Cleanup

    Peterson horizontal grinders are ideal for storm debris cleanup. Our horizontal grinder design allows for easy feeding of odd-shaped material, without the dangers, found in typical tub grinder designs.
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  • Playground Chips

    Playground material and engineered wood fiber is can be created with Peterson grinders or chippers and pneumatically delivered with Peterson blower trucks.
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  • Pulp & Paper Chips

    In-field clean chipping with a Peterson system has many advantages over a conventional round wood harvest where wood is cut and transported to a central site for debarking and chipping.
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  • Salvage Timber

    Peterson horizontal grinders and drum chippers are an ideal tool for processing damaged wood from private timberlands, national forests, pulpwood plantations, and hazardous trees near roadways and other infrastructure.
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  • Peterson 4310B Drum Chipper chipping whole trees making microchips and being loaded by a grapple excavator


    Biomass is an energy source derived from renewable and sustainable organic materials to create electricity or other forms of power. Horizontal grinders and drum chippers are highly productive machines for creating biomass
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