S-Series Highway Class Screeds


When consistent compaction and texture is absolutely vital, the S-Screeds are up to the task. The S-Series includes the S-8, an 8-foot model and the S-10, a 10-foot model. 

Both the S-8 and the S-10 are fixed width, bolt-on extendable screeds.  The bolt-on extensions go on easily and match the main screed plate perfectly. There is never a concern about adjusting different angles of attack for different sections. Simply put on the needed extensions, set the screed down, and make a great mat. The S screeds easily reach 16’ and 30’, respectively.

The S-Series is outfitted with hydraulic strikeoffs that can be articulated from 6.6% positive to 3.3% negative. These tough, reliable screeds will serve you well for a wide range of projects.


  • Roadtec RP-190 highway class asphalt paver paving at night with a Roadtec Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle

    Highway Paving

    Highway class paving requires pavers that are strong, powerful and productive. These large-scale paving projects include interstates, expressways and superhighways. Highway class paving can range from one lane to multi-lane projects. These applications require pavers with large hoppers, wide paving widths and a broad scope of screed compatibility.

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Key Specifications

Weight & DimensionsS-8
Standard Paving Width2.44 m
3.05 m
Maximum Paving Width7.32 m9.14 m
Maximum Paving Thickness305 mm305 mm
Crown - Positive/Negative76 mm / 25 mm
76 mm / 25 mm
Screed Weight1,878 kg
2,309 kg
Screed Plate Width660 mm
813 mm
Vibration0-3000 vpm
0-3000 vpm



Weight & DimensionsS-8
Standard Paving Width8'
Maximum Paving Width24'
Maximum Paving Thickness12"
Crown - Positive/Negative3" / 1"
3" / 1"
Screed Weight3,870 lbs
5,090 lbs
Screed Plate Width26"
Vibration0-3000 vpm
0-3000 vpm




All specifications subject to change without notice.


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