Environmental Social Governance

ESG Statement of Purpose

ASTEC is committed to respect for the environment. We are passionate about the health, safety and diversity of our employees. We strive to mitigate risks and maximize returns for our shareholders. We are focused on the innovation of Rock to Road products used to recycle natural resources and reduce carbon footprints for the good of all.


Why ESG is important

  • Demonstrates our commitment to ethical values (behaviors) and a sustainable future
  • Ensures employee satisfaction and ability to attract new and diverse talent
  • Adds stakeholder value through risk mitigation


ESG Oversight

  • Board Oversight
    • The ESG Steering Committee reports to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (NCGC) of the Astec Board of Directors.
  • ESG Steering Committee Members
    • Senior Vice President of Administration, Investor Relations, and Corporate Secretary
    • Global Vice President of Human Resources
    • Chief Executive Officer
CSR Cover

2023 ASTEC

Corporate Sustainability Report