Roadtec RP-195 Highway Class Asphalt Paver


The RP-195 is a powerful, rubber-track paver made for highway work.

The RP-195 features a fully oscillating track frame to provide a smooth ride and lay a smoother mat. The RP-195 is also equipped with our exclusive anti-segregation design of the feed tunnel, discharge, and rear augers. The heavy-duty frame, solid front axle, and sturdy conveyors are engineered for durability. Seats of the dual operator stations can move hydraulically out beyond the sides of the machine to give the operator an excellent view down the sides of the machine.


  • Roadtec RP-190 highway class asphalt paver paving at night with a Roadtec Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle

    Highway Paving

    Highway class paving requires pavers that are strong, powerful, and productive. Highway class paving can range from one lane to multi-lane projects. These applications require pavers with large hoppers, wide paving widths, and a broad scope of screed compatibility.

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  • Commercial Paving

    Commercial paving applications need machinery that can scale down the highway paver size without scaling down the power, functionality, performance, or efficacy. These pavers are able to pave hard-to-reach areas such as parking lots, traffic circles, and roundabouts to yield a quality mat without sacrificing productivity.

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  • Motor Sports Paving

    Motor Sports Paving requires nonstop paving, precise mat thickness, and consistent paving practices. The HMA mixture needs to be consistent in terms of temperature and consistency. The resulting pavement must be able to withstand massive stress.
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Engine Specifications
Engine MFG Cummins
ModelQSB 6.7
Max Power172 kW @ 1,900 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Electrical System24


Engine Specifications
Engine MFG Cummins
Model QSB 6.7
Max Power 230 hp @ 1,900 rpm
Number of Cylinders 6
Electrical  24


Weight & DimensionsSpecifications
Shipping Length (Tractor Only) 5086 mm
Shipping Length with Rear Mount Screed 6522 mm
Shipping Width 3194 mm
Shipping Height 3042 mm
Tractor Operating Width 3194 mm
Deck Height1861 mm
Wheelbase 3105 mm
Inside Turning Radius 1.37 m
Weight (Tractor Only)17,789 kg



Weight & DimensionsSpecifications
Shipping Length (Tractor Only)16' 8"
Shipping Length with Rear Mount Screed 18' 4"
Shipping Width 10' 6"
Shipping Height 9' 11"
Tractor Operating Width 10' 6"
Deck Height6' 1"
Wheelbase 10' 2"
Inside Turning Radius 4' 6"
Weight (Tractor Only)39,220 lbs

Capacities Specifications
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 288 ltr
Fuel Tank Capacity 379 ltr
Cooling System 34 ltr
DEF 18.9 ltr



Hydraulic Tank Capacity 76 gal
Fuel Tank Capacity 100 gal
Cooling System9 gal
DEF5 gal



Final Drive 2 speed
Number of Drive Pumps 2
Number of Drive Motors 2
Paving speed86 mpm
Travel speed12 kph
Ground Clearance180 mm
Steering Joystick
Controls movement Hydraulic Swing
Suspension Rubber Track
Front Bogies Balanced 


Final Drive 2 speed
Number of Drive Pumps 2
Number of Drive Motors 2
Paving Speed0-284 fpm
Travel Speed0-7.5 mph
Ground Clearance7"
Steering Steering Wheel
Controls Movement Hydraulic Swing
Suspension Rubber Tire
Front Bogies Balanced



Feed System Specifications
Hopper Capacity 12.5 mt/7.1 m3
Hopper Width 3130 mm
Feed Control Sonic and Flow Gates
Auger Diameter 406 mm
Distance Between Augers and Back Wall 38 mm
Minimum Auger Height 51 mm
Hydraulic Tunnel Extensions Optional


Feed System Specifications
Hopper Capacity 13.8 ton/252 ft3
Hopper Width 10' 3"
Feed Control Sonic and Flow Gates
Auger Diameter 16”
Distance Between Augers and Back Wall 1.5"
Minimum Auger Height 2"
Hydraulic Tunnel Extensions Optional


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