Roadtec SX-5 Soil Stabilizer/Reclaimer


The clean running 513 horsepower SX-5 is ideal for soil stabilization and light reclamation.

Whether preparing a new surface or recycling existing road surfaces, the ability to cut up to 96" wide and 16" deep makes the SX-5 ideal for soil stabilization and road rehabilitation. Weight is evenly distributed between two axles and balanced over the cutter. Even distribution enables optimal controlled power. Four drive pumps deliver 100% traction control, enabling the SX-5 to perform consistently in the most challenging environments. 


  • Roadtec SX-6 Soil Stabilization

    Soil Stabilization

    Soil stabilization prepares a surface for new road construction. Rather than preparing a base with new soil, the existing material is recycled. 

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  • Road Reclamation

    Asphalt reclamation, also known as road reclamation or full depth reclamation, is a cost-effective method of pavement rehabilitation.
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