Roadtec SX-8 Soil Stabilizer/Reclaimer


The SX-8 is the largest, most powerful model in the Astec line of stabilizers/reclaimers.

Four cutting speeds and right-hand flush cut allow you to use the SX-8 for a range of projects including stabilizing, pulverizing, or cold recycling. The SX series machines are heavy-duty self-propelled units used for Soil Stabilization and Asphalt Reclamation.   


  • Roadtec SX-6 Soil Stabilization

    Soil Stabilization

    Soil Stabilization is essential when subgrade soils lack sufficient strength to support new pavements and foundations. The existing material is milled, and additives may be integrated to increase bearing capacity.  The enhanced material is graded and compacted to provide a superior quality base for a new road or foundation.

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  • Roadtec SX-6 Soil Stabilizer/Reclaimer reclaiming an asphalt surface

    Road Reclamation

    Asphalt Reclamation, also known as Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), is a cost-effective method of pavement rehabilitation. During FDR the full thickness of the asphalt surface and a portion of the underlying base is uniformly graded and pulverized to serve as the base for a new road. Additives such as cement or asphalt emulsion are often incorporated to increase strength. The result is a homogenous layer with improved structural capacity. 
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