Roadtec RX-900 Cold Planer


With 1055 horsepower, the RX-900 is the most productive cold planer available.

Power and heavy-duty construction make the RX-900 the tool to own for high-productivity, half-lane, or full-lane milling. The machine cuts up to 14” (35.6 cm) deep and can be outfitted to work with different cutting widths. Standard widths are 7’2” (218cm), 8’2” (249cm), 12’ (366cm), 12’6” (381cm), and 13’ (396cm). This cold planer is available with either four-track or three-track assemblies.


  • Roadtec RX-900 cold planer milling asphalt off road surface into truck

    Asphalt Milling

    Asphalt milling, also known as cold planing, is the removal of top layers of an asphalt surface to provide an improved surface for repaving. It is a cost-effective and sustainable process that can be repeated as needed. 
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  • Cold-in-Place Recycling (CIR)

    Cold in-place recycling (CIR) is a paving process where instead of applying all-new Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), you treat remove and treat the existing asphalt with bituminous and/or chemical additives and then use it to pave the road. It normally involves a recycling train consisting of recycling agent tankers, a milling machine, an asphalt paver, and a combination of compaction equipment.

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Engine MFGCaterpillar
Max Power (Tier 4F)783 kW @ 1,800 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Electrical System24v


Engine MFGCaterpillar
Max Power (Tier 4F)1050 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Electrical System24v


Weights & DimensionsSpecifications
Shipping Length (Conveyor Folded)16,911 mm
Shipping Width2,838 mm
Shipping Height3,488 mm
Shipping Weight (w/ 2,184 mm Cutter Housing)42,637 kg (3-Track)
44,452 kg (4-Track)


Weights & DimensionsSpecifications
Shipping Length (Conveyor Folded)55’ 6”
Shipping Width9’ 4"
Shipping Height11’ 9”
Shipping Weight (w/ 86" Cutter Housing)94,000 lbs (3-Track)
98,000 lbs (4-Track)


Service CapacitiesSpecifications
Fuel Capacity1,363 ltr
Water Tank Capacity4,920 ltr
Hydraulic Tank Capacity471 ltr


Service CapacitiesSpecifications
Fuel Capacity360 gal
Water Tank Capacity125 gal
Hydraulic Tank Capacity1,300 gal


Cutter SystemSpecifications
Max Cut Depth356 mm
Standard Cut Widths2,184 mm, 2,489 mm, 3810 mm


Cutter SystemSpecifications
Max Cut Depth14"
Standard Cut Widths86", 98", 150"


Travel0-4.8 kph
Turning Radius2,616 mm (4-Track)
2,439 mm (3-Track)

Travel0-3 mph
Turning Radius8’ 7” (4-Track)
 8' (3-Track)


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