Roadtec RX-700 Cold Planer


Featuring an 800 horsepower engine, the RX-700 cold planner is available with either four-track or three-track assemblies.

Built with the Astec focus on balanced weight distribution, the RX-700 is a heavy-duty machine that is user-friendly in both operation and maintenance. The machine cuts up to 14” (35.6 cm) deep. Standard widths are 6'7" (201cm), 7'2" (218 cm), 8'2" (249cm), and 10' (305cm). Like all Astec cold planers, this model features a 60-degree front load-out conveyor swing. 


  • Asphalt Milling

    Asphalt milling, also known as cold planing, is the removal of top layers of an asphalt surface to provide an improved surface for repaving. It is a cost-effective and sustainable process that can be repeated as needed. 
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  • Cold-in-Place Recycling

    Cold-in-place recycling (CIR) involves removing a portion of existing asphalt pavement with a cold planer (asphalt mill). The milled asphalt is mixed with additives and the surface is repaved using the recycled asphalt mixture. Instead of applying all new hot mix asphalt, CIR producers remove and treat the existing asphalt with bituminous and/or chemical additives, and then use that remixed asphalt to pave the road.

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