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Astec Industries’ commitment to sustainability aims to help the construction industry create a cleaner tomorrow through dedication and innovation

Climate change has been at the center of many conversations over the last few years, and the world is continuously exploring methods and practices that will contribute to sustainable infrastructure and a healthy environment for generations to come. 

At Astec Industries, we know the large role we have in helping achieve those goals and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. 


Corporate Responsibility 

We know change starts at home and are rapidly working to revamp our operations in ways that ensure we are being environmentally responsible in the communities where we work and live.  

We have added internal resources and partnered with third-party experts to establish baselines for key metrics, identify opportunities and implement best practices across our company. We are developing tools to measure our carbon footprint and track our natural resource usage across our organization. We will analyze the data and provide templates and training for our site Green Teams to generate action plans to decrease our electricity, water and natural gas consumption at our manufacturing sites. 

We will continue to implement energy-saving technology projects like LED lighting upgrades which we implemented at 12 of our manufacturing sites. We also installed our first solar panel renewable energy project at our Johannesburg South Africa site this year. 

Our Green Teams are sponsored by site management to help create open communication and generate creativity to grow our sustainable improvements and drive efficiencies at our site and group levels. 

At Astec Industries we will:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, policies and standards
  • Internally audit our sites to ensure compliance with environmental laws, regulations, policies and company standards
  • Analyze our practices and find ways to gain efficiencies throughout our manufacturing processes
  • Track and manage our natural resource consumption, reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment
  • Adopt and promote best practices that can advance our sustainability initiatives
  • Apply environmental due diligence to acquisitions

We believe in natural resource conservation and sustainable business solutions throughout our product development and operational process. We will continue to evaluate the environmental impact of our equipment, and reduce that impact through innovative solutions in our manufacturing processes. 


Sustainable End-User Solutions

 Estimates report that construction-related activities account for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions globally. As regulations begin changing to combat climate change, the spotlight will continue to be on our industry to make a difference. 

By addressing the environmental impact our equipment has on the jobsite during our manufacturing process, we can continually adapt our technologies and components to create innovative products that help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. 

For our customers, we will continue to be the most innovative company in our industry, offering the world’s most advanced, productive, durable and environmentally friendly products.

We are also focused on the innovation of Rock to Road® products used to recycle natural resources and reduce carbon footprints for the good of all. 


Innovation Drives Change

 Our team is constantly working to find ways for our customers to reduce their environmental impact in user-friendly and budget-conscious ways. These innovations can be seen across all our product lines.


Concrete has a large carbon footprint due to cement production. Astec Industries, which includes RexCon, CON-E-CO and BMH Systems brands, entered a strategic partnership with CarbonCure in the U.S. and Canada to offer its technology to customers seeking sustainable building solutions.


Asphalt Paving:

Asphalt continues to be the most recycled product in the United States and our products play a huge role in helping contractors achieve their recycling goals. 

  • Our line of Cold Planers remove asphalt so it can be processed and reused, saving money and protecting the environment. These machines feature innovative automated controls for rpm, water, elevation, load and traction.
  • Our units can also be used for cold-in-place recycling (CIR) projects. CIR is a cost-effective, sustainable and durable method of asphalt paving. 
  • Asphalt Reclamation, also known as Road Reclamation and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), is another cost-effective method of pavement rehabilitation. Our stabilization equipment can help contractors save virgin material costs by using this method.


Asphalt Production:

The use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) continues to rise. Pavement mixes in the U.S. generally use plus or minus 20% RAP, but at Astec Industries, we continue to develop methods that make it feasible to go well beyond that level.

  • The Unidrum, Double Barrel and Double Barrel X can all produce mix with up to 50% RAP content - Astec provides more choices with these three options
  • For high-quality RAP mixes, the Double Barrel XHR system is capable of running mix up to 70% RAP at 3% moisture.
  • The V-PAC stack temperature control system is used for lower exhaust temperatures when running high RAP content.
  • The BG 1800 batch plant series is capable of producing up to 70% RAP and its modular design can accommodate upgrades as plant operations grow. 


Crushing, Recycling & Material Processing:

Recycling is a huge part of success for construction contractors. At Astec Industries, we have many solutions to help contractors recycle materials on-site, reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity.

  • Our mobile jaw crushers provide producers with the advantage of easy on-site mobility. They are productive in aggregate and recycling applications, with powerful crushing and high capacities for highly effective operations.


Process Heating Solutions: 

As the cost of heating materials continues to climb, Astec is working to help our customers select a heating application that does not compromise production or increase operations costs. 

  • The Heatec Firestorm® direct contact water heater provides on-demand hot water, eliminating the need to store and maintain the temperature of thousands of gallons of water. 
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