Astec UniDrum® Drum Mixer


The UniDrum mixer offers asphalt pavement producers a heavy-duty drum that generates high quality mix.

The UniDrum is a high quality counterflow design that is offered in both portable and stationary arrangements. The UniDrum mixer is offered as part of complete new plants and also for retrofit applications, with a range of production capacities from 200 to 600 tons per hour (182 to 544 tonnes per hour) with 5% moisture.

With an extra-long drum, the UniDrum mixer is uniquely capable of producing quality hot mix at a high production rate with a high percentage of recycle. The extra-long drum length maximizes mixing and drying times to reduce fuel consumption and provide superior mixing.

Astec Unidrum


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    Asphalt Mixing

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Key Specifications

Portable Drum Size
Portable Mixing Chamber
Portable Metric Tons Per Hour
2.3m 15.2m
2.6m x 15.2m
2.9m x 15.8m


Portable Drum Size
Portable Mixing Chamber
Portable Tons Per Hour
7' 5" x 50'
8' 5" x 50'
9' 5" x 52'


Relocatable Drum Size
Relocatable Mixing ChamberRelocatable Tons Per Hour
2.3m x 15.2m
5.2m272 MTPH
2.6m x 15.2m
5.8m363 MTPH
2.9m x 16.5m
5.8m454 MTPH
3.2m x 18.3m
7.3m544 MTPH


Relocatable Drum Size
Relocatable Mixing Chamber
Relocatable Tons Per Hour
7' 5" x 50'
8' 5" x 50'
9' 5" x 54'
10' 5" x 60'



All specifications subject to change without notice.


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