Heatec Regen Gas Heater


Heatec Regen (Regeneration) Gas Heaters are a type of process heater used in natural gas processing to produce clean and usable gas. Natural gas is normally saturated with water which can cause problems and damage to equipment and components. It's necessary for the gas to go through a dehydration process. Moisture and hydrocarbons in the gas are absorbed by using dewatering agents or desiccants. When the desiccants become overly saturated with moisture and hydrocarbons, a regen gas heater or reboiler is used to vaporize the moisture and hydrocarbons to dry the desiccants. The desiccants are then regenerated and reused.

Heatec Regen Gas Heaters are fired heaters designed around a helical coil. A variety of sizes are available and are customizable.


  • Heatec HCI Heaters For Gas Processing

    Crude Oil & Natural Gas Processing

    Oil refining and gas processing are procedures that turn these complex chemical mixtures into a range of usable fuels.  Refining and processing crude oil and natural gas require highly reliable and efficient heating systems and services. Astec produces a number of reliable and efficient components for use in oil refining and gas processing including heaters, tanks, heat recovery systems, and expansion tanks.
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