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We make a variety of preheaters that can be customized to your needs. They are commonly used to preheat fuel, such as heavy fuels, for burners or other equipment to increase viscosity or temperature, which increases efficiency of the burner. They are widely used at asphalt plants and asphalt terminals. Preheaters can be used for other liquids used in other applications as well. The preheater can stand alone or it be skid mounted with related components. Or it can be mounted on a chassis with a portable fuel tank.

Preheaters contain serpentine coils of finned pipe inside of a steel shell. Heated thermal fluid flows through the coils, transferring heat to liquid surrounding the serpentine coils in the shell. Fins are serrated to increase the heat-transfer area of the pipe about 800 percent more than bare pipe. Modulating controls precisely control liquid temperature within one or two degrees of set point. As an option, preheater can be built to ASME code.

We also make electrically powered preheaters.

We can build special fuel preheaters to condition fuel oils or gases that fire heaters, boilers and gas turbines. Heating can be provided by hot water or heated thermal fluid from an external source. Or the heat source can be hot process air or hot process liquids. Another option is electric heating elements.

Conditioning gases can be achieved by cooling and re-heating or by heating alone. When conditioning requires cooling, the cooling source can be chilled water from an external source or by a refrigeration unit mounted on the skid.


  • Asphalt Mixing

    A thermal mixing process is required to turn aggregates and liquid AC into an asphalt pavement mix for road construction. This makes an asphalt mixing plant necessary for road construction. The complete line of Astec asphalt mixing plants, and its range of capacities and features, gives you the choices and flexibility to create your optimum solution.
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  • Heatec Fuel Storage Tanks

    Roofing & Construction Products

    Throughout the asphalt/roofing industry efficient heating systems and services are needed as well as reliable storage systems. Astec has an extensive background supplying equipment designed for heating and storing liquid asphalt as well as experience with all types of thermal systems. 
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  • Heatec Aquatec Bath Heaters

    Power Generation

    Power generation is essential to modern life and industry. The power generation industry depends on heating equipment and systems to meet its demands. Astec serves the power and electricity generation industry with a number of products such as thermal fluid heaters, process heaters, heat economizers, and expansion tanks and pump skids. 
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