Heatec Aquatec® Bath Heater


AQUATEC® is the premier line of industrial bath heaters available from Astec. The heaters offer unique benefits compared to other types of heaters and are fully customizable to accommodate your requirements, including environmental regulations.

The heaters are typically used to heat natural gas or crude oil, but can be used for other applications. Multiple bath solutions are available including water/glycol mixture, molten salt, and oil.


  • Heatec Aquatec Bath Heaters

    Power Generation

    Power generation is essential to modern life and industry. The power generation industry depends on heating equipment and systems to meet its demands. Astec serves the power and electricity generation industry with a number of products such as thermal fluid heaters, process heaters, heat economizers, and expansion tanks and pump skids. 
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  • Heatec HCI Heaters For Gas Processing

    Crude Oil & Natural Gas Processing

    Oil refining and gas processing are procedures that turn these complex chemical mixtures into a range of usable fuels.  Refining and processing crude oil and natural gas require highly reliable and efficient heating systems and services. Astec produces a number of reliable and efficient components for use in oil refining and gas processing including heaters, tanks, heat recovery systems, and expansion tanks.
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