Fine Material Washers


Our fine material washers deliver extreme productivity when and where producers need it.  

Engineered with high-efficiency drives, the resulting low-horsepower requirement reduces operating costs while increasing throughput, ensuring your operation runs efficiently and profitably. 


  • Sand & Gravel

    Sand and gravel are aggregates that are gathered from naturally occurring deposits. These aggregates, when gathered, may contain clays, silts and other deleterious material that needs to be processed out for commercial-grade products. Reduction and sizing can be accomplished with a variety of crushers and screens. Once the material is accurately processed, it can be used for road building, construction materials and a variety of other applications. 
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    • Aggregates

      There are two main classes of aggregates: natural and manufactured. Deleterious material needs to be removed from both classes of aggregates. Processing these materials typically requires various steps including reduction and sizing and also may include dewatering and sorting. Producers can use a variety of crushing, screening, dewatering and conveying equipment to meet their desired specifications.
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      Model Spiral Diameter(mm) Maximum Raking Capacity(MTPH) Maximum Overflow Capacity (LPM)
      5036-25S 914 91 2,650
      5036-25T 914 182 4,540
      5044-32S 1,118 159 5,680
      5044-32T 1,118 318 10,220
      5054-34S 1,372 227 6,815
      5054-34T 1,372 454 12,110
      5060-35S 1,524 295 8,330
      5060-35T 1,524 590 13,630
      5066-35S 1,676 364 9,085
      Model Spiral Diameter(in) Maximum Raking Capacity(TPH) Maximum Overflow Capacity (USGPM)
      5036-25S 36 100 700
      5036-25T 36 200 1,200
      5044-32S 44 175 1,500
      5044-32T 44 350 2,700
      5054-34S 54 250 1,800
      5054-34T 54 500 3,200
      5060-35S 60 325 2,200
      5060-35T 60 650 3,600
      5066-35S 66 400 2,400


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