Our blademills are designed for seamless compatibility with producers’ existing processing plants. 

The innovative double-pitch flights and ribbed-paddle design efficiently convey material through the blademill to break up sticky clay and muddy clumps with extraordinary effectiveness. Almost all of the bolt-on ni-hard paddles and spiral flights are adjustable to best match your aggregate production needs. 


  • Aggregates

    There are two main classes of aggregates: natural and manufactured. Deleterious material needs to be removed from both classes of aggregates. Processing these materials typically requires various steps including reduction and sizing and also may include dewatering and sorting. Producers can use a variety of crushing, screening, dewatering and conveying equipment to meet their desired specifications.
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    • Construction Aggregates

      Construction aggregate is typically medium or coarse material that is used in construction applications. Processing this material may include reducing its size with a crusher, sizing the crushed material with a screen and conveying the material into different stockpiles.
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      Model Spiral Diameter (mm) Capacity (MTPH) Water Requirements (LPM)
      6536-19S 914 137 - 159 380 - 760
      6536-19T 914 272 - 318 660 - 1,320
      6548-23T 1,219 363 - 454 760 - 1,520
      Model Spiral Diameter (in) Capacity (TPH) Water Requirements (USGPM)
      6536-19S 36 150 - 175 100 - 200
      6536-19T 36 300 - 350 175 - 350
      6548-23T 48 400 - 500 200 - 400


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