Roadtec MTV-1100 Material Transfer Vehicle


The MTV-1100 allows simple entry into non-contact paving.

Astec MTVs are famous for durability and strength, and the wheeled MTV-1100 is no exception. The MTV-1100 is fabricated from heavy-duty steel, yet is still light enough to avoid weight permits for most transports. 


  • Roadtec RP-190 highway class asphalt paver paving at night with a Roadtec Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicle

    Highway Paving

    Highway class paving requires pavers that are strong, powerful, and productive. Highway class paving can range from one lane to multi-lane projects. These applications require pavers with large hoppers, wide paving widths, and a broad scope of screed compatibility.

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  • Motor Sports Paving

    Motor Sports Paving requires nonstop paving, precise mat thickness, and consistent paving practices. The HMA mixture needs to be consistent in terms of temperature and consistency. The resulting pavement must be able to withstand massive stress.
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  • Commercial Paving

    Commercial paving applications need machinery that can scale down the highway paver size without scaling down the power, functionality, performance, or efficacy. These pavers are able to pave hard-to-reach areas such as parking lots, traffic circles, and roundabouts to yield a quality mat without sacrificing productivity.

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  • Residential Paving

    Residential paving focuses on paving driveways, parking lots, cart paths, bike paths, footpaths, and other smaller areas. These smaller spaces are traveled via vehicle, bicycles, and foot daily, and examined at close range.  Therefore, they demand attention to detail and focus. While these sites are smaller in scale than highway class or commercial class jobs, they still require asphalt paving machinery that can produce a quality mat with efficiency and productivity.  
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Engine Specifications
Engine MFG Cummins
ModelQSB 6.7
Max Power186 kW @ 2,200 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Electrical System24v


Engine MFGCummins
ModelQSB 6.7
Max Power250 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Electrical 24v
Weight & Dimensions 
Shipping Weight21,722 kg
Operating Length 12,446 mm
Shipping Width2,971 mm
Shipping Height3,009 mm
Wheelbase 3,352 mm

Weight & Dimensions 
Shipping Weight47,890 lbs 
Operating Length 40' 10" 
Shipping Width9' 9"
Shipping Height9' 10.5"
Wheelbase 11'

Hydraulic Tank Capacity303 ltr
Fuel Tank Capacity454 ltr



Hydraulic Tank Capacity80 gal
Fuel Tank Capacity120 gal


Material HandlingSpecifications
Truck Dump Hopper Width2,794 mm
Dump Hopper Transverse Auger (C1)559 mm Triple Pitch 
Dump Hopper Unloading Conveyor Capacity544 mtph 
Paver Loading Conveyor (C3)544 mtph

Material HandlingSpecifications
Truck Dump Hopper Width9' 2" 
Dump Hopper Transverse Auger (C1)22" 
Dump Hopper Unloading Conveyor Capacity600 tph
Paver Loading Conveyor (C3)600 tph
Drive Specifications
Working Speed0-3.7 kph
Travel Speed15.4 kph
SteeringSingle Joystick 
SuspensionRock Lug 445 mm x 635 mm
Working Speed0-2.3 mph
Travel Speed0-9.6 mph
SteeringSingle Joystick
SuspensionRock Lug 17.5" x 25"

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