Heatec Truck Load-out System


Heatec truck load-out systems are typically used at terminals and asphalt emulsion plants. The tank truck load-out system can be designed so plant personnel operate the system or so that drivers can safely load the tank truck they are driving without help from plant personnel. Multiple trucks can be filled simultaneously.

The loading station has a covered roof. An enclosed control room with operator load-out controls are included for diver loading systems. The load-out system incorporates a computer, computer-automated controls, truck scales, and automated data recording.

The automated controls provide remote operation of the asphalt pumps located at the tanks. The load-out controls for each load-out boom incorporates lockouts to prevent operation of the pumps unless the boom is properly positioned and valves are properly set.

The system incorporates an overflow device that automatically shuts off the asphalt in case the scales fail to do so when a preset limit is reached. The load-out system can also incorporates a system for injecting liquid silicone into the tanker before it is filled with asphalt. The silicone keeps the asphalt from foaming due to any water that may be present in the tank before it is filled.

In-line blending options for modified asphalt is also available.


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