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Heatec provides controls for asphalt terminals, emulsion plants and HMA plants, both new and old. We can upgrade your old controls to automated systems that increase efficiency and reduce errors.

We specialize in the following types of control systems:

  • Motor control centers
  • Production processes
  • Tank farm controls
  • Tanker load-out operations

The motor control center distributes electrical power to motors and major components of a plant. The center protects against overloads and monitors activity, loads and status.

Controls for production processes include blending systems for polymer modified asphalt cement (PMAC) and systems for producing asphalt emulsions. They can be fully automated using PLCs and touch screens.

Tank farm controls monitor and control temperatures of liquids in storage tanks and levels of liquids in the tanks. Remote displays can be included. The system also controls asphalt unloading pumps to prevent overfills.

The tanker load-out system controls dispensing asphalt or emulsions into tanker trucks. It tracks weight of product loaded and automatically shuts off the product when the target weight is met. A display screen shows loadout progress. The system stores customer name, truck ID, loadout quantity, product type, product temperature, date, time, etc.

We customize each control system to meet your specifications.

Heatec control systems can be designed with a wide variety of options. They can include either standard PC computers with standard flat-screen displays or PC computers with integrated touch screens. Most control systems employ PLCs (Programable Logic Controllers) which provide flexible, reliable control without the need for numerous relays, timers and sequencers.


  • Asphalt Mixing

    A thermal mixing process is required to turn aggregates and liquid AC into an asphalt pavement mix for road construction. This makes an asphalt mixing plant necessary for road construction. The complete line of Astec asphalt mixing plants, and its range of capacities and features, gives you the choices and flexibility to create your optimum solution.
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  • Heatec Fuel Storage Tanks

    Roofing & Construction Products

    Throughout the asphalt/roofing industry efficient heating systems and services are needed as well as reliable storage systems. Astec has an extensive background supplying equipment designed for heating and storing liquid asphalt as well as experience with all types of thermal systems. 
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