Astec Showcases Revolutionary Screening Technology

Astec Industries (NASDAQ: ASTE) showcased its prototype Vari-Frequency™ screening technology in March at the World of Asphalt/Agg1 trade show in Nashville, Tenn.  


The new, patent-pending technology, which will be available on horizontal screens, is the first of its kind in the industry. The reimagined screen deck design utilizes a structured frame paired with a live, free-moving, deck. The deck harnesses natural frequencies and vibrations activated both during operation and when material impacts the screen media. These vibrations stimulate the screen media and bulk material, reducing blinding and boosting productivity.


Stephen Whyte, Group Vice President, Product Management, at Astec says, “We are incredibly eager to introduce this product to the market later this year. We have done a lot of testing to ensure we are bringing the absolute best product forward and we have seen great success so far. Our teams are confident that this technology will revolutionize the screening industry and we look forward to getting this in our customers’ hands.”


The screen uses standard, side-tensioned screen wire cloth, does not require an external power source and has common interface points with other low-profile screens. Sign up to receive more information here: