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Say goodbye to screen cloth blinding with our groundbreaking Vari-Frequency Screen Technology. This patent-pending innovation will help you tackle your stickiest of screening materials and keep production moving, giving you increased performance and reduced operating costs.

The first-of-its-kind anti-blinding design of the bottom deck means more capacity than ever. Equipped with Vari-Frequency technology, the flexible bottom deck design incorporates supportive cables that prevent plugging and blinding.

This revolutionary design will increase capacity, decrease maintenance and cleaning costs, and allow you to focus on what matters - worry-free production.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes standard, side-tensioned screen wire cloth
  • Generates multiple vibrations throughout the screen length for optimal functionality
  • Self-cleaning technology eliminates manual maintenance hassles
  • Requires no external power source, ensuring cost-effective operation
  • Compatible interface points with other low-profile screens for seamless replacement
Horizontal Screen Render
Horizontal Screen Technology Detail

With Vari-Frequency Screen Technology, tackle challenging screening materials effortlessly and keep your production moving without the worry of downtime or maintenance costs.

Revolutionize your screening process today!

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