Truck Unloaders


The low, 3’ profile of the 48” LowPro delivers the convenience, efficiency, ease-of-use and environmentally-friendly characteristics every operation demands. 

The drive-over truck unloader provides an efficient solution for unloading material wherever it is needed. The low profile allows producers to build smaller earthen ramps, cutting labor needs, fuel costs and set-up time. 


  • Loading & Unloading

    Loading and unloading material from trucks, ports, terminals, stockyards and railways can be a challenge for any producer. Without having the appropriate equipment, retrieving and loading material can be a difficult and lengthy process.
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    ModelBelt Conveyor (mm x mm)Adjustable Discharge Height (cm)Ramp Height (cm)Capacity (MTPH)
    2148-50LP1,219 x 15,24019.89 x 27.3191.44901.78


    ModelBelt Conveyor (in x ft)Adjustable Discharge Height (ft)Ramp Height (ft)Capacity (TPH)
    2148-50LP48 x 507.83 x 10.7531,000



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