Tank Farm Monitors


Astec offers a range of tank farm monitors designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of liquid asphalt heating systems. With several options to choose from, Astec's tank farm monitors are equipped with helpful features that instill confidence in your system. These monitors employ remote monitoring and alert systems to keep a vigilant eye on your liquid asphalt heating system. This ensures that you stay informed about critical aspects of your asphalt mixing operation, receiving timely alerts that allow for prompt responses to any potential issues. The tank farm monitors offered by Astec are known for their reliability, user-friendly interfaces, and easy installation, providing operators with peace of mind as they manage and optimize their asphalt production processes.

Tank Farm Monitors:

  • AlarmAgent by RACO
  • Verbatim by RACO
  • CVD 2000
  • Heatec WhistleBlower
  • LiveTank


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