Heatec Fume Condensers


Heatec fume condensers are used in vents of asphalt tanks to condense gas vapors (known as blue smoke) present in liquid asphalt. Condensing the vapors turns them into a liquid that drains back into the tank. This greatly minimizes the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The condensers have a number of tubes with external fins. The tubes are cooled by ambient air circulating through the fins. Thus, gases exiting the tank are cooled as they flow through the tubes. The cooling causes vapors to condense and drain back into the tank.

Fume condensers are effective, simple to maintain devices that are suitable for horizontal tanks (stationary or portable), vertical tanks, and even underground storage tanks. Normally, one vent condenser per tank compartment is recommended. However, multiple tanks (or compartments) can be connected to a single vent condenser through a common header system.

Heatec fume condensers are provided in standard sizes and configurations that are most commonly used in the industry. For some applications, vent condensers are specifically designed to meet local load requirements and emission standards. High ambient moisture contents and low ambient temperatures usually require multiple pass designs. External cooling, as well as exhaust temperature monitoring are available options.


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