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Nursery Waste

At the end of a growing season, nurseries typically have overstock plants, bushes, and flowers. Or they may need to harvest their plants to get the land ready for new planting. Fortunately, with a Peterson horizontal grinder that green waste can be recycled into potting soils and compost.

The process is sustainable, cost-efficient, and fast. The organic material isn’t wasted. In fact, it is turned into rich compost and soils. Usually, the process only needs one pass through the horizontal grinder, no screening- to yield the desired product. Processing nursery waste saves time and money spent taking the materials to the dump, is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Agriculture Waste

After harvesting produce and other agricultural products, the green waste materials can be processed using a Peterson horizontal grinder. This material can be used for biofuels, compost, or even processed back into the soil for sustainable soil health.

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