TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor


This Tracked Stacking Conveyor is an innovative conveyor which can often eliminate the need for a wheel loader.

Fed by a large hopper, the generous 42-inch wide (107 cm) conveyor can easily keep up with horizontal grinders or screens. The 80-foot conveyor length can stack materials up to 35 feet high (1100 cm).

The TS4280 Tracked Stacking Conveyor is powered by a fuel efficient, 58 hp Kohler diesel engine. The engines are Tier IV compliant with no DPF for lower maintenance and operating costs.

The TS4280 allows you to continually operate while conveying the material away from the feeding machine. This eliminates the need for double material handling with traditional wheel loaders, which can make a significant difference to your bottom line.


  • Compost

    Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and may be made from single source material or blended for specific application performance. Materials used include: garden debris, kitchen scraps, manure, or yard and lawn waste.
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  • Mulch

    Astec machines can help you create, screen, stack, and deliver your final mulch product. We’ll help you add value to your mulch products and services from your feedstock all the way to delivery.
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Key Specifications

Operating Length 2166 cm
Operating Height 1048 cm
Operating & Travel Width 230 cm
Travel Length 1236 cm
Travel Height 266 cm
Conveyor Operating Angles (Luffing) up to 26 degrees
Conveyor Operating Length 2374 cm
Hopper Height 130 cm
Track Width 40 cm
Inside Track Width 145 cm
Track Drive Center to Idler Center 404 cm
Weight 11950 kg


Operating Length70'5" 
Operating Height34'1" 
Operating & Travel Width7'6" 
Travel Length40'3" 
Travel Height8'8" 
Conveyor Operating Angles (Luffing)up to 26 degrees
Conveyor Operating Length77'2" 
Hopper Height4'3" 
Track Width1'4" 
Inside Track Width4'9" 
Track Drive Center to Idler Center13'1" 
Weight26,345 lbs



All specifications subject to change without notice.



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