Astec has entered a strategic partnership with CarbonCure Technologies whose product enables concrete producers to reduce their carbon footprint.  Astec, which includes RexCon, CON-E-CO and BMH Systems brands, has the exclusive rights to offer the technology to concrete producers in the United States and Canada.

Concrete has a large carbon footprint due to cement production. The technology works by injecting CO2, captured by industrial gas companies, during the mixing process. The result is a strong, high-performing concrete which uses less cement therefore reducing the project’s embodied carbon footprint.

Carbon Cure


  • CarbonCure Information Package for AECs - Astec Co-Branded (1)

    Download (pdf) 10 MB
  • CarbonCure Ready Mix Producers 2021 Brochure - Astec Co-Branded (1)

    Download (pdf) 12 MB
  • CarbonCure Impact on Global Warming Potential of Concrete - Astec Co-Branded (2)

    Download (pdf) 4 MB
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