Corporate Code of Conduct

Astec encourages employees to conduct themselves every day in a way that helps the Company maintain an outstanding reputation in the communities we serve. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics puts into writing many of the behaviors that employees already display and the actions they are already taking. A written code of conduct is an important reference source for employees, officers, and directors, especially in situations where there is some question about how to determine "the right thing to do."

Integrity and a high standard of ethics are fundamental to Astec’s beliefs. We are committed to doing that is right and deterring wrongdoing. In dealings with Astec’s customers, suppliers and fellow employees, these principles require that all employees:

  • Conduct themselves in a forthright and honest manner
  • Are fair and considerate in all dealings
  • Maintain professional behavior in all relationships
  • Make only commitments we believe we can keep – and keep them
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals
  • Obey the law

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