Corporate Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose
Astec Industries Employees, Officers, and Directors:

Astec Industries, Inc. ("Astec") encourages you to conduct yourself everyday in a way that helps us maintain an outstanding reputation in the communities we serve. You already are excellent stewards for the company. The Code puts into writing many of the behaviors that you already display and the actions you are already taking. Nonetheless, a written code is an important reference source for employees, officers and directors, especially in situations where there is some question about how to determine "the right thing to do." Additional guidance may be provided in the employee handbooks of certain Astec subsidiaries.

You should keep in mind these important considerations when reading this Code:

  • The Code should be applied both in letter and in spirit.
  • This Code should be considered together with any applicable laws and regulations, as well as any applicable company policies and procedures, including those in the employee handbooks (if applicable).
  • The Code applies to all of our employees, officers and directors regardless of where they work or their positions in the overall organization.
  • It is the policy of the company for anyone aware of any possible violation of this Code or of any company policy or legal requirement to report the possible violation. We will not tolerate retaliation against anyone for such reporting.
  • Anyone who does not comply with this Code, as well as with other company policies and procedures, may be disciplined up to and including termination. Violations of the standards outlined in this Code also could result in criminal penalties, civil liabilities, or both.

Integrity and a high standard of ethics are fundamental to our beliefs. Astec is committed to doing what is right and deterring wrongdoing. In dealings with our customers, suppliers and fellow employees, these principles require that we:

  • conduct ourselves in a forthright and honest manner
  • are fair and considerate in all dealings
  • maintain professional behavior in all relationships
  • make only commitments we believe we can keep - and keep them
  • respect the rights and dignity of all individuals
  • obey the law

Astec will take steps to communicate or otherwise make available the provisions of this Code and other company policies and procedures to its workforce. Your commitment to this Code is required. If you have questions about this Code or the proper course of action to take in a particular situation, ask your immediate supervisor or the Compliance Officer for direction. We may modify the Code from time to time, so please be alert to notices relating to changes.

Chief Executive Officer and Other Senior Financial Officers:

This the Code contains additional standards of conduct for the company's Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Controllers. These can be found under the section entitled "Supplemental Standards for Chief Executive Officer and Other Senior Financial Officers."

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