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Phone: +44 (0) 28 8225 1100
Based in the United Kingdom, Telestack operates from a modern 32000 square metres site where we have combined the experience and knowledge of Loughside Engineering and Telestack to develop a range of MOBILE Bulk Material Handling Solutions.
Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK

A Member of: The Aggregate & Mining Group

Operating in harsh environments from the extreme heat of Africa to Minus 40C in Siberia to the high altitudes of Chile, Telestack can handle all free flowing bulk materials including ores, coal, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, woodchips, pellets and many more.

Our MOBILE solutions offer significant operating cost savings compared to traditional methods of material handling (wheel loaders, haul trucks, static conveyors) , as well as providing Environmental, Health and Safety and other benefits.

We have over 600 installations to date in 6 continents around the world, this proves that we can deliver on our promises and it is this proven track record that ensures many of our customers are repeat customers.

Our equipment often operates as part of an overall system in ports, mines, quarries, power stations etc and so we are very diligent to ensure that our part of the system is able to meet the performance requirements as we know that if we fail on our part then the whole system stops. This is why on certain occasions we prefer not to supply if we are not 100% confident that we can meet/exceed our customer's performance requirements.

If we are unable to meet a customer's requirements then we will say so and we will decline to quote. We want a reference list of satisfied customers so that we can bring potential customers to see our equipment and allow them to listen to existing customers positive experience of doing business with Telestack.


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