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  • Field proven heavy duty boom design
  • Turntable design provides optimum coverage in jaw and grizzly applications
  • Standardized cylinders reduce inventory levels
  • Constant HP hydraulics provide fast cycles times

QS50 Scaler
QS50 Scaler
  • Purpose Built Telescopic Boom with a heavy duty 360 degree rotary actuator allows full drift coverage with one position.
  • Remove personnel from rock fall danger zone while scaling tunnel.
  • The vibratory scaling head, boom, upper frame and undercarriage are designed for tough mining environments, with heavy gauge steel assemblies throughout. Removes the operation.

SH310R Eagle2
SH310R Eagle2
  • Reduced cycle times are attained through the oil regeneration / speed valve
  • Effectively cuts steel beams & rebar
  • Cutting force of over 280 tonne of over 22"
  • Longer life through blade rotation

BXR160 Hydraulic Breaker
BXR160 Hydraulic Breaker
  • Extra-long stroke button piston
  • Effective oil regeneration system
  • Anti-blank fire interlock
  • Remote air breather
  • High volume nitrogen chamber
  • Remote located greasing port
  • Flat top tool

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