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NEW "E" Series SB-2500 Shuttle Buggy® Material Transfer Vehicle
NEW "E" Series SB-2500 Shuttle Buggy® Material Transfer Vehicle
  • Premier asphalt remixing device with mix storage capacity
  • Proven remixing performance for better smoothness and even densities
  • Enhanced conveyor wear resistance lower contractors' operating costs
  • New, adjustable-width front hopper to work with any trucks widths
  • New dual operator stations can now slide sideways past the outer edge of the main frame for  improved visibility
  • New and improved mix storage functionality with bindicators, which show exactly how much mix remains in the hopper
  • CAT®  C-27 ACERT, 950 HP (2,100 kW) Tier 4 diesel engine. Also available as Tier 3 for certain international markets

Heavy-Duty, Front-Mounted FB-85 Broom
Heavy-Duty, Front-Mounted FB-85 Broom
  • 83 hp (62 kW) self-propelled broom with CAT® 3.4L, 4 cylinder diesel engine
  • Rugged construction: 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg) of construction grade axle capacity, twice the strength of competing models
  • Unique telescoping broom head allows switching brooms quickly without the need to change out broom heads
  • Side shift feature prevents tire wear when sweeping next to a curb
  • Broom drive motor can be mounted on the right or left side allowing flush-sweeping on either side
  • Sealed brakes to keep out dust and debris
  • Fully raisable hood for easy access to all maintenance items
  • Broom core sizes of 8-5'8" or 10" diameter (22 and 25 cm) can be used
  • Infinitely variable width broom head can rotate 33° to either side
  • Broom widths between 72" (183 cm) and 96" (244 cm) can be used
  • Pressurized cab with filtered A/C and heat
  • Adjustable broom down pressure adjustment and broom rotation speed

Remote Diagnostics
Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote troubleshoot mechanics of machine with service tech
  • Available now for RX-400
  • Availability for majority of product line to follow
  • Planned enhancements: Service Alerts via e-mail, text message, phone call
  • Production Reports
  • GPS Location

Spray Paver
Spray Paver
Combination Tack Truck & Paver
  • 2100 gallons of liquid AC or emulsion storage on board allow for fewer stops to fill up.
  • Gravity feed material system eliminates conveyors to feed material. Greater throughput, less wear and less segregation.
  • Computer controlled spray system. Operator sets the application rate and computer controls the rest. Operator focuses on paving.
  • Ability to spray and pave from 10' wide to 20' wide on the fly. No additional equipment, no bolting anything on.

Concrete Placer
Concrete Placer
  • Based on MTV-1000D
  • For use with RCC, pavement and pump concrete

  • C1 Conveyor
  • Augers instead of slat conveyor

Roadtec Training Center
Roadtec Training Center
  • 11,500 square foot (1,070 sq.meters) facility
  • State-of the art auditorium large enough for 100 people
  • Dining facility, fully outfitted kitchen
  • Separate classrooms for specific courses and breakout sessions
  • Customer schools held every winter

A Member of: The Mobile Asphalt Group


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