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CP-90 Paver
CP-90 Paver
  • Duel Operator Platform, 2 or 3 Man Operation Controls
  • Independent Control of Auger and Conveyer Material Feed Components
  • Cat C3.4 Tier III Power Plant with 84hp @ 2500 rpm
  • Electric Heat w/16kw Tractor Mounted Generator
  • Highway Class Material Feed Components for Longer Lifecycle
  • Full Access Engine Compartment for Easier Access to all Engine and Hydraulic Components
  • Carlson Easy Screed, Unmatched Mat Quality

Carlson EZIV 10-19 Screed
Carlson EZIV 10-19 Screed
  • Screed of Choice Nation Wide for the Paving Industry, Proven Award Winning Design, Improving the Paving Industry for over 25 Years
  • Tapered Nose Main Screed, Improves Material Flow Properties, and Reduces Segregation in Prone areas
  • Unmatched Strength up to 26' Wide for fewer Longitudinal Joints, Improving Pavement Lifecycle
  • Proven Heat System with High Hour Lifecycle Components Digital or Mechanical Controls Setting the Industry Standard
  • More Industry Options, Heated End Gates, Berm Builder, Power Tunnel Kits, Vibratory Beveled Edger, Safety Edge Beveled End Gates

Safety Edge End Gate
Safety Edge End Gate
  • Superior bevel using heat and extruding material for higher density
  • Applied bevel will not deform under compaction process
  • Bevel rotates from 90 degrees for matching joints to 30 degrees for applying the safety bevel quick and easy
  • Spring loaded as to not interfere with ride quality characteristics or deviations in milled surfaces
  • Third end gate jack to roll in and out of bevel faster and safer
  • Hinged lower unit is a replaceable wear component

Vibratory Notched Beveled Edger
Vibratory Notched Beveled Edger
  • Available in 12" and 18" widths
  • Use with vibratory sled for improved density or statically without vibratory sled
  • Will work on left or right side of screed limiting the need for multiple units
  • Notch is a variable adjustment 2" down from mat surface
  • Spring loaded outside edge as to not interfere with ride characteristics
  • 0 to 3000 vibrations per minute adjustment
  • Plumed with quick disconnects for fast installation
  • Vibratory sled doubles as berm compactor
  • Beveled edger has heat and angle of attack / vibratory sled has heat and vibration

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