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Manufactures asphalt paving screeds, screed extensions, and paving accessories for all major brands of highway class pavers.
Tacoma, WA

A Member of: The Infrastructure Group

Carlson Paving Products, Inc. Facility
Location: Tacoma, WA

For over 30 years Carlson Paving Products has been on the leading edge of screed technology, emerging as a leader in asphalt paving products in the highway and commercial classes. Acquired by Astec Industries, Inc. in 2000, Carlson continues to command a dominating share in the highway class screed market both in North America and Australia through its impressive lineup of front-mount and rear-mount platforms able to attach to tractors built by the six major paver manufacturers. Engineered, designed, built, and supported by the industry’s most qualified personnel, contractors have come to know Carlson screeds as the most dependable, long lasting and easy to use platforms for laying the perfect mat, every time.

While being on the forefront of highway class screed technology, Carlson has also emerged as the preeminent leader in attachment innovations. From the first of their kind longitudinal joint density attachments, industry-acclaimed Carlson Safety Edge, to the revolutionary LED Blade Light, Carlson is advancing and improving the safety, durability and productivity of our nation’s roads and workzones.

Building on the success of its first generation commercial class paver, Carlson has quickly become the contractor’s choice for commercial paver with the CP100 and CP75. With a wide array of features and options available, these pavers provide higher quality, better paving performance, and longer life cycle options to contractors operating in the long overlooked commercial segment of the industry.

Carlson Paving Products heads into 2016 with new products and new opportunities, poised to continue its long tradition of bringing innovative changes to the asphalt paving industry.


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