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Firestorm Water Heater
Firestorm Water Heater
  • 99% Efficient
  • Water Temperature Up To 185˚F
  • Flow Rates Up To 467 gpm
  • Optional Nox Burner

Firestorm Low Profile Water Heater
Firestorm Low Profile Water Heater
  • For use in the oil and gas industry
  • Provides heated water for fracturing oil bores & also heats water for hydro testing
  • Combination burner can switch from gas to No. 2 diesel fuel
  • Increased water accumulation area

Storage Tank with Mixers for TLA
Storage Tank with Mixers for TLA
  • Special rotating paddles constantly stir the TLA to prevent fines from settling to the bottom of the tank
  • 30,000 Gallon capacity
  • Includes heater with 2 million BTU/hour
  • 650 Gallon fuel tank

Emulsion Plants
Asphalt Terminals
Heatec Emulsion Plants and Asphalt Terminals

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