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G2 Warm Mix System
G2 Warm Mix System
  • Six nozzles insure total AC foaming
  • Models available for counter-flow, parallel flow and batch plants
  • Sampling valve option available
  • Visual water flow indicators
  • PLC controls
  • Skid mounted VFD water pump and tank included

Oil Tube Dryer
Oil Tube Dryer for Wood Pellet Plants
  • A new concept patented dryer design with versatile features
  • A dryer with extremely precise temperature control capability
  • These dryers can generate their own inert atmosphere for use with combustible materials
  • Primarily used on wood pellet plants
  • Our design can be operated co-current flow or counter-flow at the flip of a switch
  • Drying can be accomplished without exposing the product to flame or combustion products

Convectex Heater
Convectex Heater
  • Combination fume incinerator & thermal oil heater
  • High efficiency HTO heater for use with low temperature gases
  • Very large units can be shipped due to the modular design
  • Walk in access allows easy inspections and maintenance
  • Burns wood, coal, or gas… or just fumes

Convectex Heater
Phoenix Talon II Burner
  • Ultra low emissions performance on gas in a dual fuel burner
  • Retrofits into footprint of standard burner
  • Existing Phoenix Talon can be retrofitted
  • Low electrical power consumption like original Talon
  • Low noise like original Talon

Wood Fired Burner
Wood Fired Burner
  • A design concept based from our proven coal burner
  • Burns a fuel that is carbon neutral
  • A heat source that will use a fuel that is nearly sulfur free
  • An ideal concept for needed heat generation in the wood products industry

Astec/JCI Wood Screen
Astec/JCI Wood Screen
  • 8x16 size designed for one to three decks
  • Horizontal circular motion
  • Stroke adjustable from 1/4" to 1 1/2"
  • 10 Hp Direct drive eccentric mechanism
  • Drive unit can be removed for service
  • Fully enclosed for dust containment
  • Optional ball tray deck for fine material
  • Screen suspended by universal joints
  • Open support frame for maintenance

TC-II.V Control Software Package
TC-II.V Control Software Package
  • In the field configurability
  • Reliability with enhanced Configuration and Runtime Data storage
  • Increased accuracy of Plant totals and Data logging
  • Long term storage of Data log information
  • Increased flexibility for Plant expansions

PM III Control Software Package
PM III Control Software Package
  • Profinet vs. Profibus: (Profinet uses Ethernet Technology which gives you more Bandwidth, which means more information at higher speeds, also easier troubleshooting)
  • Hard PLC vs. Soft PLC (Production process of the plant has been strategically divided into standalone processes, that are modular in design)
  • Single Computer HMI (Human Machine Interface) vs. Multi Computer interfaces for separate systems
  • Simplistic hardware layout for easier system integration
  • New enhanced reporting capabilities

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